We regret to inform you that Dr. Isao Shimizu, Professor of the Department of Applied Chemistry, passed away on October 10th, 2014, after a long fight with serious desease.

About Department

Welcome to Department of Applied Chemistry School of Advanced Science and Engineering Waseda University!!

Waseda University’s Department of Applied Chemistry has a history dating back nearly a century and thus a rich store of admirable traditions. Our mission is to contribute signi ficantly to enabling people to live in health and prosperity in our global environment. To this end, we are conducting educational and research programs aimed at the developm ent of chemistry capable of leading to highly functional materials and innovative fabricat ion processes. In our research programs, we have designed molecules and materials and have synthesized them with the aid of advanced chemical knowledge and skills, both ba sed in the natural sciences. Through these research activities, we have achieved the devel opment of new materials functions, creation of useful materials, and discovery of efficient industrial processes. We have developed chemistry in various interdisciplinary fields, inclu ding fields involving materials science, biology, life sciences, medical science, environmen tal science, and energy science. Our goal is to cultivate human resources that meet the hig hest world standard and contribute to society through educational and research programs.


History of the Department

Tokyo Senmon Gakko (College) founded by Shigenobu Okuma with departments of Political Science, Law, English, and Physical Science.
School of Science and Engineering established.
Department of Applied Chemistry established.
Graduate Schools (master's programs) established as part of a new academic program.
Graduate Schools (doctoral programs) established as part of a new academic program.
Campus relocated to Okubo Campus (current Nishiwaseda Campus).
Department of Applied Chemistry assigned to School of Advanced Science and Engineering newly created in reorganization.


Academic Calendar

April 1 Entrance Ceremony
April to July Spring semester
July to September Summer break
September to January Fall semester
December to January Winter break (2 weeks)
February to March Spring break
March 26 Graduation Ceremony


Maps and Directions

The Department of Applied Chemistry, Waseda University
Okubo 3-4-1, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8555 JAPAN

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